Best Amp For Telecaster  

For every music freak or tone lover a telecaster is the most favorite musical instrument. It has made its place with outstanding sound and solid, yet attractive design.  

And to enhance the telecaster sound an amp is a must need thing. As a result, the demand for an amp is increasing and if you are looking for the Best Amp For Telecaster you are in the right place.  

Here we will be reviewing Best Amp For Telecaster considering all criteria with the budget range. By the end definitely, you will find the suitable one for you. Let’s dip dug into it.  


Table of content
10 Best Amp For Telecaster: Quick Review
Do I Actually Need An Amp For My Telecaster?
5 Best Amp For Telecaster Under $500 Review
a) Marshall M-MG30GFX-U Guitar Amp Top Choice
5 Best Amp For Telecaster Under $1000 Revie
b) Marshall Amps (M-DSL40CR-U)
Best Amp For Telecaster: Buyer Guide
Final Verdict

10 Best Amp For Telecaster: Quick Review  

Marshall M-MG30GFX-U Guitar Amp : Top choice for more effects, channels, great power, and effective sound-producing ability at a cheaper price.  

Positive Grid Spark Guitar Amplifier Amp: The Spark smart app, numerous features make it best for beginners.  

Vox AC10C1 Guitar Amp : Light-weight tube combo amp.  

Fender Mustang LT-25 : Best option with a lot of preset options, 20 digital amp models, signal processing chain in 5-step.  

VOX VT40X Amp : Hybrid amp with lots of effects and preset options.  

Marshall Amps (M-DSL40CR-U) : Best amp under $1000.  

Fender George Benson Hot Rod Deluxe Guitar Amplifier: Best for rock and blues guitarist. 

Roland JC-40 Jazz Chorus with Two 10-Inch Speakers : Highly recommended for tele for excellent performance.  

Fender Blues Junior IV Amplifier : Popular among rock and blues guitarists.

Do I Actually Need An Amp For My Telecaster?

There is always a common question rose that, do one really need an amp for his or her telecaster? And the answer is ‘Yes’. If you are a beginner then an amp is the best option for you.  

If you are not a beginner still an amp is needed for your telecaster as it works as the best friend of a telecaster. Though some people use DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). This is a totally different thing.  

So, what actually does an amp does? Like all other amplifiers, a telecaster amp also amplifies the signal. This means it makes the signals better so to give us a good quality sound.  

Here goes another term is the combo amp, what you are gonna hear when buying any amp. A combo amp contains a power amplifier, pre-amp, and speaker. This is kind of perfect deal for any telecaster lover as you are getting an all-in-one package.  

Since we have got our primary idea about what amp do for telecaster now it’s time to explore the Best Amp For Telecaster 

5 Best Amp For Telecaster Under $500 Review  

Marshall M-MG30GFX-U Guitar Amp Top Choice  


Marshall has always give a tough competition with its high-quality products and with the M-MG30GFX, it again beat other best amp-making brands. This is our top choice for its exceptional features at a very cheap price under $500.  


This is a perfect match for beginners or for someone who wants to practice. And while practicing no one wishes to spend quite a lot of money on an amp. This is where the benefit you can get.  

This affordable amp does not lack any kind of feature that is required to shape the tone of your telecaster. Also, the lightweight helps to carry it anywhere easily anytime; a great advantage for practicing anywhere.  

Like another solid-state amplifier, you won’t need to count a big amount for your Mashall amp.   


Talking about the features it offers 30 watts which is ideal power for an amp to work with a telecaster. Normally the range varies from 15 watts to 40 watts and a 30-watt amp can produce the precise tone effortlessly.  

Then there are 4 channels for you to get different tone quality without any hassle. You can adjust how you like; also, can use the previous tone you were using.  

With this, there are several effects that are built-in this amp, which reduce the extra cost a lot. In most cases with amp, users need to spend more money for having several effects. But the good news here is you can get all of them in one package. The 10” custom speaker also reduces the cost and gift you a warmer sound.


Last of all, when you now know about Marshall amp you can guess how the sound can be. After you have this amp, you immediately can feel the change in the tone.  

It reshapes the tone so warm, and neutral. It focuses on each detail that an amp should have for providing a high-quality signal passing to the telecaster.  

In one word, considering the price range and the performance it shows is really worth getting a first-place among other amps. If you are looking for a less expensive amp then this can be the ultimate great choice of yours.


  • Cheap price.  
  • Great amp comparing to other same-level amps.  
  • More channels and effects.  
  • Lightweight.  
  • Perfect for beginners. 


  • Some noise may hear after a certain time of usage.

Product Differentiator

Can be carried easily, balanced power, multiple channels, and effects. 

Positive Grid Spark Guitar Amplifier, Electric, Bass and Acoustic Guitar Combo Amp Bundle (Spark)  

Positive Grid Spark Guitar Amp takes the guitarist experience to the next level by its smart features. This combo amp works for telecaster so efficiently. You can practice or record whatever this amp is outstanding in every aspect so it makes its place in the second position of our choice.

Smart App  

The Spark smart app Auto Chord Recognition makes it the most preferable choice for telecaster users. This displays chords for music in iOS or Android that you use. This app also ensures accuracy with a lot of chords changes in songs.   

Also jamming is possible with four different genres like pop, blues, rock, and funk. Enjoy enormous bass-drum combinations in your favorite song. Or if you want to create your unique piece then the virtual drum and bass are there to help you. Next, besides recording and jamming, woodshedding and noodling are also allowed. This jamming feature is one of the most interesting parts of this amp  

Last, of all, this app also allows connecting with Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube and displays chords.   


Like Marshall, this Positive Grid Spark also offers several effects in order to save your money. Here you will find reverb, modulation, tuner button, LED-lit preset switch, and individual knobs. Those knobs work as the signal output volume system.  

Smart Features  

This amp is made to surprise the users with its interesting features. Firstly, Bluetooth compatibility helps to stream music from the devices. If someone doesn’t prefer Bluetooth AUX input/ USB can be used to connect with devices or computers.  

An extra benefit for those who use DAW, as the USB can work as two in or out.  

Lastly, the voice command features again here to surprise you. Simply give the command and choose your song or virtual band. 

Product Differentiator: 

Last but not least with all kinds of incredible features like Auto Chord Recognition and several options, this has become the best amp for a telecaster. Also, the price is so cheap. If you are about to begin the journey with your telecaster this amp surely won’t make you disappoint.

Vox AC10C1 Guitar Amp  

Vox AC10C1 is one of the incredible tube-amp enriched with high-rated features. For those who want a tube amplifier, this model can be the choice as it also stays on budget.  

Under $500 you barely find any good tube amp than VOX AC10C1. With top-quality features, it goes along telecaster so dedicatedly.

Dedicated sound  

Tube amplifiers are already known for providing outstanding tone, warmer sound. Though now there are lots of tube amp in the market, most of them can’t perform as traditional tube amp for containing low-quality equipment’s.  

But no worries about Vox AC10C1 as it is stuffed with the best quality components. So, the warmth, richness with great accuracy in tone is felt with this amp.  

To get the clear, defined tones, you can push those tubes and bring gain. This performs with telecaster efficiently bring a lifelike sound.  

Thanks to Vox classic Top Boost circuitry, classic EL84 pentode power tubes, and 12AX7 dual-triode pre-amplifier tubes for giving the true sound quality.


Though this is a tube amplifier reviewing other solid-state amps, this Vox AC10C1 amp is light-weight only 27 pounds. There is always a compliment about tube amps they are heavier.   

But this amp totally changes the outlook about traditional tube amp. Comparing to another amp this is not that heavy and can be carried easily.


Vox AC10C1 is featured with a custom 10’’ speaker, also have 10-watt power. Though it comes in compact size as a combo amp it doesn’t lack any kind of necessary features at this price.  

Furthermore, there are sufficient knobs for reverb, bass, or treble. Control how you like to and additionally master volume knob is also present with other knobs.


  • 10-watt combo tube amplifier.  
  • Smooth onboard reverb.  
  • Great sound.   
  • Contain Classic Top Boost circuitry. 


  • Nothing significant.

Product Differentiator:

Comparing to other tube amplifiers this is much lighter weight. This is a combo amplifier featured with Top Boost circuitry and has a combination of 12AX7 and EL84 tubes.

Fender Mustang LT-25  

Fender Mustang LT-25 is one of the top choices of guitarists. This works amazingly, produces some vibrant tone and sound with many effects and presets.  

Also, the price is so considerable, anyone can afford this amp. The best option can be for beginners or even for professionals for practicing.


It contains 25-watt and is a combo amp. Moreover, 1 channel, 30 preset options, and an additional 20option preset. 20 digital amp models, multiple effects like compressor tube screamers, reverb, distortion, modulation, etc.   

This is also compatible with the footswitch controller, and 5 step signal processing chain. Next, this is featured with 8’’ speaker, chromatic tuner, USB input, and many more. Just explore the newer telecaster and amp experience with these impressive features.


Make your own unique sound with multiple effects and onboard preset which lets to work with a different genre. Just make and save for later use. This is a good thing about this amp.  

The sound is rich, warm tone, low noise, and distorted. All in one small box you can get with the lowest budget range.


  • More effects and 20 digital amp models.  
  • Light-wight and portable.  
  • Compatibility with footswitch controller. 


  • Don’t compatible with Bluetooth and has no lineout option.

Product Differentiator:

Portable, light-weight, and many preset options as well digital amp model is different from another amp in the similar price range.

VOX VT40X Amp  


VOX is a popular name when it comes to the amp. That’s why we choose another amp from VOX since it keeps its promise for years to provide the amp experience with a telecaster.  

VOX VT40X is considered as a great alternative to Mustang LT-25. It produces a richer and clearer tone for telecasters. With the best components, it is the best package in a very compact size.

Hybrid Combo Amp  

When there is a storm of debate about which to choose tube amp or solid-state amp, VOX VT40X offers both in one box. This is a hybrid amp means this is a tube amp also a solid-state amp at the same time.  

Being a tube amp, it is durable and lightweight that changes the overlook about any tube amp. With only a 21-pound weight this is super easy to carry and can be the long-run companion.  

For me, this is a huge benefit since one can get a tube-amp, solid-state amp in a small size. For beginners who want to spend less this can be an incredible choice under $500.  

More effects and preset options  

Unlike other amps, VOX VT40X offers much more than one may ever think. There are 13 digital effects, 33 preset options, 10’’ custom speakers with 40-watt RMS power.  

I have always mentioned about amp which contains more preset or effects because it saves a lot of our money. Regarding this, this amp is a fantastic option.   

In this compact size offering, 40 watts is really praise-worthy. Your telecaster can sound much louder and the 10’’ speaker also perform decently.

Decent sound  

As we are talking about a hybrid amp, so getting double benefits is obvious. I meanwhile using this amp, great tonal sound can get from preamp as well power amp.  

Richness, clarity in the sound you can feel once you start using it. But the only problem is detected in the sound is the little noise effect. Besides this there is no problem with this amp, that’s why we kept this amp in the 5th place.


  • 4 channels.  
  • Numerous effects and preset options.  
  • Virtual Elements Technology.  
  • Cheap amp.  
  • Hybrid amp. 


  • Little noise in the sound.

Product Differentiator

This is a hybrid amp, have 40-watt power, 33 preset options with 13 effects under $500 which makes is different from its fellow competitor.  

Best Amp For Telecaster Under $1000

Marshall Amps (M-DSL40CR-U)  

Marshall M-DSL40CR-U create some exceptional tone, shapes the tone impressively, and contains lots of incredible features which make this amp for telecaster a top choice under $1000. 


This amp provides 40-watt power, 1×12 Celestion speaker, Bypassable rear-panel effect loop ensures to get various types of tone, resonance control, and volume, gain control for per channel.   

There is also reverb, with two-mode gain and crunch; controls distortion, footswitch compatibility enables changing channels. Interestingly this amp doesn’t disturb others with the sound, since the adjustable power level help to crank up tones.  

Furthermore, shaping the tone more dedicatedly 5-way EQ is there. The tone you can create is so crisp and clear or rattling what you wish for. In this 5-way EQ, you will get presence, resonance, bass, middle and treble.  

But the most attractive part is the four 12AX7s tubes with two EL34 tubes. For these tubes, the sound becomes warmer, vibrating, clean.

Amazing sound  

Marshall M-DSL40CR-U is one of the best amps for a telecaster. With 4 watts this amp is ready for the larger gig. It has the ability to imploring classical sound it can be present or past. Following this set up the right volume with high and low power modes. Along with the tubes work dedicatedly provide exciting sound that you surely love.


  • FX loop.
  • Distortion features.
  • 40-watts.
  • Two channels with two different modes.


  • A little bit heavy.

Product Differentiator:  

6 different tubes, effect loop, distortion features, 5-way EQ preset, etc. is much more than other tube amps under $1000. 

Fender George Benson Hot Rod Deluxe Guitar Amplifier

For those who are in love with rock, blues this Fender George Benson is especially recommended for them. You will find decent tubes, plenty of controls, and many other effects perfect or telecaster guitar.


This is not a lightweight also not a heavier amp. You can carry it with you but it a little bit of weight may sometimes bother you. But you can practice all day long placing in a fixed place.  

It actually has a mixed review about portability.

Impressive speaker

This fender amp contains an A-type Celestion speaker. This speaker has two channels, one clean and the other for distortion. This comes with 40-watt in a light pine cabinet.  

When you will start playing you instantly can feel the tone clarity. Great tone can be created with metal crunch or rock whatever you prefer.


Fender has modified two crucial points that is the preamp circuit and spring reverb. The result is a beautiful, clear, and defined tone even at overdrive. You won’t see the messy sound effect with this amp. Besides, the reverb dial ensures smoother controls.  

Talking about tubes that are mostly responsible for richer tone, Fender used three 12AX7 tubes and 2 6L6s. The tube amp is traditionally known as best and when it’s come about the fender the amp becomes more powerful.  

Last, of all, Fender did an interesting job by placing all controls on the top. This is super easy to control. You will find bass, treble, middle, reverb, and presence there and easily set up how you like it.


  • Loudspeaker.  
  • Two channels.  
  • Support footswitch.  
  • Sufficient controls. 


  • No headphone jacks.

Product Differentiator:

The A-type speaker works efficiently, organized controls, compatible footswitch.

Roland JC-40 Jazz Chorus with Two 10-Inch Speakers

Roland makes a highly compatible amp for telecasters that is JC-40. This is a versatile amp ruling over guitarist mind. With loaded specifications, this is one of our best choice amps under 1000$.

Excellent Features  

Starter, there are two 40-watt, 10’’ speaker works in this amp. Both works together thus produce powerful, louder sound.   

There is also a couple of updated classical effects for today’s guitarists. They include reverb, distortion, chorus, and vibrato. Here chorus effect is specifically modified to cope with adjustable fixed or manual modes and newly designed reverb and vibrato greatly perform to give a detailed stereotype sound stage. This dimensional space stereo effect is best for wide tones. Their extra focus on effects really paid off.  

Last but not least, the footswitch distortion circuit they integrated for a more authentic and smoother tone, also makes sure the flexibility for the desirable gig.


Roland JC-40 Jazz offers authentic, true sound to the tele. The amazing capability of working numerous effects and onboard processing ability makes it a high-quality amp of all time.  

It shapes the tone delicately, a smooth texture in the tonality is always seen. So, this is another highly recommended amp for a telecaster.  


  • Special focus on modified effects.  
  • Stereo-type sound.  
  • Less weighty.  
  • Versatile, real tone


  • Nothing special.

Product Differentiator:

Two speakers, updated effects, natural sound, and richer tone.

Fender Blues Junior IV Amplifier

Fender Blues Junior IV is mostly loved by blues or rock guitarists. This is an exceptional amp that produces incredible sound and tone, can be a perfect deal for any telecaster user.

Simple structure  

This is a 1×12’’ amp that comes in a convenient size. Though this is a tube amp and many may think this amp is hard to move but this Junior IV change the concept by being lightweight.  

You can easily move it and play your telecaster with ease. The design is also versatile with a simple setup. It is wrapped with Tolex cloth and you can find three different colors, all of them look beautiful.  

There is the Fender traditional logo on the front upper level. A great amp that is finely manageable.

Great Features  

Fender amp always abounds with a lot of excellent features. They always try to provide the best at a great price.   

Like another combo amp here you will find the speaker and preamp both. Both in a modified way. The Lighting Bolt speaker comes from Eminence Cannabis Rex. This pushes the power of this amp by 50-watt. Work smoothly in a louder tone. Next, the tweaked preamp is modified in Fender Junior IV to getting a more vibrant tone and bigger sound.   

Besides these, you will see the 3-band EQ, Fat switch, Sparkle mod, new spring reverb. Then to ensure the longevity of the EL84 tubes, Shock-absorbers are featured in this amp.

Sound Performance

Fender Blues Junior IV is a fantastic tube amp that produces remarkable sound. You can get a realistic, warmer tone. The use of effects pushes it to give a new dimension in the tonality. This is why it is so popular among telecaster users.  

In a word, this is a total mind-blowing tube combo amp package that can rule over your telecaster.


  • Ideal size, portable.  
  • Versatile tone.  
  • Good speaker and preamp. 


  • Less power.

Product Differentiator

Shock absorber, Eminence Cannabis Rex speaker, and remarkable sound.

Best Amp For Telecaster Buying Guide

Before buying an amp for any electric guitar or telecaster there is some need to consider. And if someone is a beginner then choosing an amp is quite a tough task. So, for an easy-going here are some features that will help you to choose the right amp.

Types of amp for

Before choosing any amp the most important point is to know the type. If you are not familiar with the type you actually don’t know what you need. In this article, I have mentioned almost every type of amp. So, now know about them in detail.

Tube Amplifier  

This is the traditional amplifier that produces amazing sound and tones. This is the best type of amp among others and still now is in great demand. They can handle more power and gives excellent performance.  

They give decent distortion, which is mostly responsible for excellent sound. In other types of the amp, they try to use a couple of tubes only to get the versatile sound.  

But the concern about the tube amplifier is they can get a burn or are less durable. For this reason, when buying a tube amp, it sometimes can cost extra to buy a new one. But otherwise, this type of amp stays in top choice.

Solid-state Amp  

After tube amp mostly popular type of amp is solid-state. They have quite a number of reasons for getting the popularity in a short time and eradicate the lacking of a tube amp as much as possible.  

First of all, tube amps are expensive but you can find solid-state amps at a cheaper rate but with great durability. Though at first solid-state amp could not provide great sounding over decades they have improved a lot.  

You can just spend half money on this type of amp and can have a pleasing amp experience with a telecaster. But some guitarists don’t prefer it because they can not produce natural distortion like the tube amp.  

Also, some lacking is seen in the sound. Other than that, this type of amp is in great demand.

Combo or Hybrid Amp  

People are preferring most nowadays combo or hybrid amp, as they are perfect in all aspects. A combo consists of the amp itself, preamp, speaker, sometimes solid-state amp, and tubes.   

So, you can get a full package all in one. The high-quality amp-like Fender Blues Junior IV or others serve in a wider range by promising durability, great-sounding at a good price.


In a traditional amp, the guitarist needs to handle pedals to achieve different effects, but in today’s amp, this problem has been reduced by adding many built-in effects. Reverb, distortion, delay, overdrive, sparkle mod, effect loop, and many more you can find in them.  

This also saves quite a lot of money. So, before buying try to have one with built0 effects.

Amp power

Amp power is measured by wattage, and for amp, the wattage ranges from 10-40 watts. How much power you need is totally dependent on your usage. How long you are using or for what purpose will determine how much wattage you need for your amp.

Final Verdict

Over decades there has been a significant change in amp for guitars or telecasters. And day by day the market has been full with a variety of amp collections from different brands.  

Thus, it is quite tough to choose the right one within budget. That’s why in this article we choose Best Amp For Telecaster and divided them into two sections.  

Under $500 is for those who have a tight budget and under $1000 amp is for those who can spend over an expensive amp.  

But this does not mean the cheap ones are not of good quality. Each of them is loaded with great features and compatible with a telecaster.