LG UK6090 Review | Best for What?

The LG UK6090 Smart TV can be considered as a mid-level TV that is best for general watching. However, if you use it for movies or games, the performance will not be what you would get from high-end TVs but it will be quite decent.

The 4K UHD TV comes with an efficient quad-core processor, smart features and is compatible with voice assistants. It uses IPS technology, delivers a clear and detailed image with wide color variation. It can also reduce blur and other video distortions. The price is reasonable and different sizes are available so you can choose the one based on your room.

LG UK6090: Quick Review

This is for the mass community of users who simply want to sit back and enjoy TV watching. However, it will deliver lower input lag if you want to play games as well. The picture quality is outstanding, the color variation is wide and accurate.

It has all Smart TV features along with a free Channel Plus so you can enjoy cable-free channels. The setup is simple and easy and there are multiple control options for the TV. Overall, the TV has a decent quality for general viewers.


  • 4K UHD TV
  • Moderately wide viewing angle
  • Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa compatible
  • Affordable
  • Detailed picture accuracy and decent brightness
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Channel Plus app built-in with access to more than 140 channels


  • Doesn’t support HDR 10+
  • No VRR

LG UK6090 overview:

The LG UK series was released in 2018. There are different UK models but most of them are discontinued like the UK6090PUA Smart LED UHD TV. In the UK6090 series there are different models that only vary in screen size with the maximum size of 65”. Will the LG 65-inch UK6090 review be different from LG UK6090 55 review?

Well, no the only difference between these models is size.

In this LG TV UK6090 review, we will focus on its technologies and specifications along with its disadvantages. So if you have a bigger living room and want a large screen of 75” then you can look at other models like LG 75UN7370PUE UHD 73 Series 75″Smart TV.

LG UK6090 technical specifications:

FeaturesLG UK6090
Screen size43”, 50”, 55”, 65”
HDRHDR10, Hybrid Log-Gamma
Refresh rateTM120 (Refresh Rate 60Hz)
ProcessorQuad-Core Processor
Operating systemwebOS
Voice assistantsAmazon Alexa, Google Assistant
TV TunerATSC, Clear QAM

LG UK6060 In-detailed Features:

Powerful processor:

The LG UK6090 models have a powerful quad-core processor that is responsible for detailed and accurate upscaling of content. It also deals with picture accuracy by minimizing video noise, along with vivid color and better sharpness of the image. It has an IPS display with an RGBW panel.

The RGBW panel consists of four sub-pixels. While it is a controversial topic among LG and other brands like Samsung, LG continues to use it in UK6090 TV models as they reduce price, consume less energy, and delivers more brightness to the picture.

Picture quality

The LG UK6090 LCD TV has a 3840 x 2160p resolution which is standard and decent for watching crystal clear content.  With a broader ‘sweet spot’ the image quality will not deteriorate even if you sit at an angle. The HDR includes HDR 10 and HLG which means it supports a wide range of colors from black to white and minute details like reflections of light on an object will be emphasized.

The HLG deals with broadcasting ensuring that you watch online content or live TV with high-quality pictures. It has True Color Accuracy that enhances the color and accuracy of the image. The TruMotion 120 methodology focuses on minute details of the image and minimizes fuzziness or blur.

The LG UK6090 4K Active HDR TV also supports Color Master Engine and Noise reduction features.

Audio quality

The LG UK6090 2.0 speakers generate adequate sound for listening to movies or music. It has an Ultra Surround Sound feature that produces noise from 7 ‘virtual channels. It has other features like Clear Voice III, Smart Sound Mode, and DTS decoder.

However, you can always improve the audio quality and LG recommends you to choose one from the following:


1ch, 360W, DTS: Virtual X, Dolby Digital, DTS Digital Surround


1 ch, 360W, DTS: Virtual X, Dolby Digital, DTS Digital Surround


2 ch, rear speakers, compatible with SK6Y or SK5Y, 140W,

Smart features

LG used the webOS in this TV which was first used in 2014 for Smart TVs. It has an easy-to-navigate user interface with the most popular apps including Sling, Vudu, Netflix, Amazon Prime. With specific subscriptions, you can view online streaming contents but along with that the TV has Channel Plus built in it.

The Channel Plus is an Internet TV that is free and you can watch more than 140 channels including sports, news, law, comedy, etc. if you don’t have cable then you can easily watch these channels. The apps are easily accessible that are found at the bottom of the Home screen.

The Home Screen also has a Web browser, User guide, Music, TV Schedule, Sharing, etc. The LG has an LG Content Store where it shows and gives you suggestions of different apps, movies, or TV shows. You can check the settings if you want to adjust different options like you can change the Picture mode to Vivid, Cinema, Sports, Games, etc.

The TV remote is simple and easy to use and you can also control the TV with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. WebOS 4.0 has a variety of apps and online content that makes it easy to access the contents you like. The navigation may not be snappier but that is a characteristic of almost all Smart TVs.


1 RF
1 RCA Composite Combo
1 RCA Stereo (L/R)
TOSLINK optical

While many other competitors have 4 HDMI connections, the LG UK6090 comes with 3. You can connect HD cable or satellite boxes and game consoles. It has built-in Wi-Fi so it will connect to the router wirelessly. It also has Miracast which is needed for sharing your mobile screen on the TV.

What is it best for?


While the LG UK6090 specs don’t tell us anything about response time, input lag, or VRR, it is a matter of concern for gamers. However, if you go to the Picture mode and select ‘Game’ then the TV will adjust to present the lowest input lag making it ideal for fast-moving scenes.

Also, the refresh rate is 60Hz which is standard and good for gaming. The processor and TruMotion work to reduce the blur of judder.

Movies or Music

As we think about having movie nights, the picture quality and sound quality matter the most. The TV has a 4K resolution with HDR 10 and HLG so you will get to see vibrant and lively colors with accurate brightness.

Along with that, the Smart TV offers you a huge number of content for streaming or watching Live TV shows or sports.  For music, the audio will not be room-filling with a chest-thumping effect like you get from speakers but will be adequate for enjoying

You can also add soundbars with the TV to improve the cinematic or movie theater effect as well as get an immersive surround sound for music.

Which size of LG UK6090 is best for you?

It is clear that the LG UK6090 43” will be good for small rooms, the 50-55” for medium and 65” for large rooms. To be more precise for a 43” TV the couch should be 3.6-5.4 ft far away. The table below shows more detail.

TV screen sizeSitting distance

Parting words

LG is one of the most popular brands in the TV industry. The build quality and performance of the LG UK6090 TV are impressive. However, in some cases, the TV faced broken legs under normal pressure or frequent interruption from Wi-Fi. In this LG UK6090 review, we discussed the Smart TV characteristics.

If you buy this TV while bearing in mind that you will not get advanced features or high-end performance, it will satisfy you. Although 75” or 85” models are not available, the 65” LG UK6090 TV will be perfect for large rooms and you can always adjust your sitting distance.

The 4K UHD picture quality is one of the main reasons to get an LG UK6090 TV. The TruMotion and processor focus on minimizing blur and the HDR 10 and HLG emphasize color or contrast ratio. If you want a simple upgrade to your ‘dumb TV’ then the LG UK6090 TV is a perfect choice.


Maybe you are wondering off with some questions on your mind regarding this product from LG. Don’t worry this FAQ section is going to cover some of the problems that are compiled from all over the internet.

Why do I hear a sound when turning on or off the TV?

If you hear a ‘cracking’ noise every time you turn on or off the LG UK6090 TV, it doesn’t indicate something is wrong with the TV. The noise comes from plastic thermal contraction that occurs from temperature and humidity.

How to maintain proper ventilation of LG UK6090 TV?

The TV should be placed on an open table or on the wall. You should not place it in a closed cabinet or cover it with a cloth. The TV should not be placed on a cushion or carpet. If you watch TV for a long time the ventilation area may become hot and you should not cover it or touch it.

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