How To Pair Vizio Soundbar To Subwoofer?

Subwoofers are the ‘sweet spot’ of the soundbar. If you ever stumble upon ‘how do I pair my vizio subwoofer to my soundbar’, this guide will help you. Soundbars are an excellent choice for compact all-in-one solution. Subwoofer adds the missing punch and make movies or music become realistic. Since we are speaking of compact systems, Vizio mainly focus on making wireless subwoofers.

So that, pairing Vizio soundbar to subwoofer is simple and straightforward and doesn’t require any wires. In case the soundbar has additional port for sub out, you can connect wired subwoofers easily. You will also find soundbars have built-in woofers so that an independent subwoofer doesn’t take up space in your small room.

However, a dedicated sub is always better than integrated ones. While most of the steps are simple, in some case you might also have to purchase a wireless adapter. In case the pairing between sub and soundbar isn’t successful, go through basic troubleshooting steps to find out the problem. As a last option, you might even have to replace the subwoofer for a new one.

How to connect Vizio soundbar to subwoofer: Different setup scenarios

Let’s have a look at different ways to connect Vizio soundbar to the subwoofer.

How do you pair Vizio soundbar with subwoofer

Wireless subwoofers are the most common way of connection with Vizio soundbar. Consider the following Vizio soundbars with subwoofers:

The setups above are similar. So, if you want to know how to pair Vizio wireless subwoofer to its soundbar, read along. Once you have paired the sub and bar, connect it to TV to watch contents.

  • Power on the sub
  • Press on the pair button on the back of the subwoofer for 5s
  • Wait for the LED to blink
  • Then press and wait the power button of the bar for 5s
  • Wait for the LED to flash thrice
  • Pairing is complete

In case you have a soundbar with sub out port like Vizio 2.0 SB2020n-J6 soundbar , then you can also connect wired subwoofers.

How to pair Bluetooth subwoofer to Vizio sound bar

Since most of the subwoofers connect wireless as mentioned above, the pairing process is how Vizio subwoofers are connected. The process is very easy and straightforward. If you follow the steps but still fail to pair Vizio soundbar to subwoofer, try these steps:

  • Recheck whether soundbar and sub are powered on
  • Place the subwoofer within a foot of the soundbar only when you are pairing for the first time
  • In case pairing is failed, plug out the power cord and re-plug them
  • Then try pairing again
  • Or, try resetting the devices
  • Lastly you can always take help of the customer service in case it still doesn’t work

How to pair Vizio subwoofer with phone?

Once the Vizio subwoofer is connected with the soundbar, you can connect the system to your phone. Vizio soundbars support Bluetooth through which you can pair the soundbar with sub to your smartphone. This allows you to play from the smartphone easily.

  • Press on the Bluetooth button on the soundbar for 5s
  • Turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone and search for the Vizio soundbar name
  • Complete pairing and play from your device

3rd party subwoofer:

Although you can generally mismatch soundbars and subwoofers, it is recommended by experts not to do so. Since most of Vizio models include a subwoofer, it eliminates the hassle of looking elsewhere. You can check this model, Vizio SB2020n-G6M where you can add 3rd party subwoofers.

Old Vizio soundbar models:

If you happen to own an older Vizio soundbar that doesn’t support Bluetooth, then you can try to wireless adapter to connect the wireless subwoofer to the bar. You can also use wireless transmitters which will work via Wi-Fi instead of Bluetooth.

How to pair Vizio soundbar with subwoofer: Troubleshooting

While the steps and method may look quite simply, you might still fail to connect the devices together. The examples below may help you to figure out your problem.

  • Why can’t I pair Vizio soundbar with to subwoofer? Well, even after checking the steps above, if you can’t connect, make sure to disable the Eco mode. This is known to save power and might be ‘On’ always. Disable it by pressing on the power and volume down button and wait for 10s. Check the left side of the bar where two lights on a column to turn off.
  • Update Vizio soundbar firmware via the Vizio SmartCast app
  • Try Power Cycle. For that, power off both sub and bar. Then press and hold power button and wait for 30s. then re-plug the devices and connect them.
  • Reset devices as mentioned above
  • Or, simply go for a subwoofer replacement

Parting words

How to connect Vizio soundbar to subwoofer? Connection of these devices is very easy and doesn’t take much time. Wireless subwoofers pair with the bar wirelessly but some bars also give option for wired connectivity. Although in home theaters, multiple subwoofers are often recommended, you can’t connect two subs via Bluetooth at the same time to these soundbars.

Once connection is established, make sure to place the bar and sub in correct position. Use sound modes like Movie or Music while watching different contents. Other factors that will ensure quality sound are choosing soundbar based on TV and room size and choosing sub based on room size. Soundbars deliver versatile option, so if you have space limitations, simply go for a wall mount of the bar.


This FAQ is here to solve some of your problems regarding this matter. let’s find out more!

Why do I fail to connect subwoofer with Vizio soundbar?

In case you followed and rechecked each and every step we discussed, if you fail to connect, chances are that you received a defective subwoofer.

How to adjust bass in Vizio subwoofer?

Once connection is complete, simply use your remote, press on Bass button. Then press volume up or down to increase or decrease bass level respectively.