Best Bass and Treble Settings for Soundbar

In most cases, setting the equalizer to “flat” will make the sound better. Flat is an option that tries to bring out the original recording of the song so that it sounds more like it did when it was first made. If you want to change the sound settings on your Soundbar yourself, the best bass and treble settings are when the treble will be more than the bass.

In this case, try to raise the lower frequencies on your equalizer up to 500Hz. Keep the other higher frequencies at their flat setting. If you want to get the low-ends right, you need a subwoofer with these settings. If you’re a beginner and think you’ll be able to improve the overall sound, you can start with simple methods.

In your case, the best way to set the bass and treble on a soundbar is to choose one of the preset modes or sound modes. It doesn’t take a lot of skill to go into the Equalizer and change each frequency in it. Digital Equalizers and room calibration methods make a huge difference in the sound. When you lower the bass, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t taking low-frequency sounds into account. Instead, have a good mix of audio and add a subwoofer for low-end.

What is the best bass and treble setting for soundbar?

In case you are seeking the best audio setup for soundbar in general, you need to adjust the bass and treble.  However, nowadays almost all soundbars design their devices so that it comes less of a hassle for you. This means they set some modes which you can alter and change based on the content you are watching.

Pre-designed modes: Presets

You will often see soundbars with setups like Music, Movie, Game mode or other mode to improve dialogues. These are modes designed by adjusting bass and treble so that you don’t have to it on your own. Since the settings are adjusted by experts and professionals, you can rely on them.

Equalizer: Manual method

Soundbars come with digital equalizer that you can use to adjust audio.

What is an Equalizer?

Equalizer is known as processor that assists you to tweak multiple frequencies as a result to enhance the overall audio quality. You can tweak frequencies within the human hearing range, that is, 20Hz-20kHz. Old school hardware equalizers used by our fathers and forefathers were physical console but with time you don’t have to go through that hassle any more.

Go the equalizer option of the soundbar through the TV settings or even mobile apps. Now, as you perform manual method, unless you have some expertise or adequate knowledge, you might end up with poorer sound from the soundbar. While adjusting settings, you might ask yourself, what is the best settings for soundbar?

Best treble and bass settings for soundbar:

Should the bass be more than treble, or vice versa? Well, we are here to figure it out for you.

  • Bass and treble settings may vary from one music file to another
  • Figure out the balance in the audio file
  • Or, you can use the frequency sheets available
  • In most cases, balanced out of the music files is better method than frequency sheets.

We recommend, instead of following a single rule, try one way or another, listen to the music track and see which one you prefer.

  • Keep treble higher than bass
  • Try to maintain bass, mid and treble ratio within 4:5.
  • Try the other way out, keep the bass higher than treble
  • Mobile apps: EQ settings

Soundbars often come with both mode of controls, remote control and app. if the soundbar offers an app, then go to the app and then perform manually. You can also use the available EQ modes (concert hall, music, jazz, etc.) so that you don’t mess with your music. While adjusting equalizer, you basically need to tweak bass and treble settings. You can do by your ear for this.

 Best bass and treble settings for different soundbar models:

Each soundbar varies in terms of bass and treble settings. They also have different and varieties of Sound modes.

Samsung soundbar

In case you don’t like the sound of your Samsung TV and is seeking the best treble and bass settings for TV, then you can try the following. Go to the Menu section and choose Home, then Settings. Select Sound and then Sound Effects. Go to Equalizer and adjust settings.

One of the ways to get the best equalizer settings for Samsung soundbar is to go with the flat settings. This can also be considered as Q60T soundbar best settings or the best settings for Samsung Q80R soundbar. That is, it is best to try this mode in general for all Samsung soundbars. Perform the following:

  • 32 : 0db
  • 64 : 0db
  • 125: 0db
  • 250 : 0db
  • 500: 0db
  • 1k: 0db
  • 2k: 0db
  • 4k: 0db
  • 8k: 0db
  • 16k: 0db

The best settings for Samsung Q80R soundbar or other models in general, try the following:

  • Preset : Standard
  • Bass Settings: -6
  • Treble Settings : 6
  • Slope:-0.19
  • Std Err : 2.34dB
  • Low Frequency Extension: 42.4 Hz
  • High Frequency Extension : 18.5 kHz

If you are looking for the Samsung Q950T best equalizer settings or any other Samsung models, specially to improve the bass, try the following. Click on the Subwoofer Level button on the Remote and use the +/- buttons to adjust bass within SW+01 to SW+06. Or, use the Woofer button on the remote, then adjust bass.

Let’s try to give you a ‘formula’ for some of the best Samsung soundbars:

Samsung T650 soundbar best settings:

There are several modes to choose from you can try by allowing the soundbar to perform decoding instead of the TV. This will improve the vocals. There are other popular modes like Game mode, DTS Virtual X or Smart mode.

Samsung Q900T soundbar best settings

To adjust the Treble and Bass, go to Settings options. Then increase or decrease as per your wish. You can also select Woofer and Equalizer to adjust the functions inside it. Samsung Q900T has several modes including Clear Voice, Adaptive, Game Pro, Music, etc. For gaming, select the LPCM, DTS or Dolby Digital.

LG soundbar

LG soundbars are best for TV and with the ideal settings, the sound will shine.

LG SL8Y best settings:

You can choose one of the modes available like Sports, Movies or others. you can use Bass Blast as well.

LG soundbar SL4Y best settings

This soundbar has Adaptive Sound Control, Movie, Music or News.

LG SK10Y best settings

Users often recommend to leave the settings to AI calibration. But you can set it in the following way and check whether you like the sound: DRC off, Neural: X on, Rear Output: Surround, Bass 5, Treble 3, Sub 6, Center -1, OVC 3, Side 3, and Rear 4.

Vizio soundbar

Let’s have a look at the Vizio soundbar best settings.

Vizio V series 5.1 soundbar best settings:

In case you are using the Vizio 5.1 soundbar for movies, clearer audio is a must. In case you tune in the bass too much, it might result in muddiness. This will hamper the vocals and overall sound. make sure to balance out between clarity and bass. Turn off TV speakers and leave audio reproduction to the soundbar.

TruVolume feature adjusts volume of the overall content so you can use this. Adjust Equalizer presets but don’t make dramatic changes if you don’t know what you are doing.

Best settings for Vizio 2.1 soundbar:

For bass heavy content, like music or movies, increase the bass level as much as you need. But the bass will be decent and not too accurate or prominent without a subwoofer. If you think the content you are watching needs clarity, try adjusting the treble.

Bose soundbars

There is no single rule to follow, rather tweak the equalizer for best results.

Bose 700 soundbar best equalizer settings

Perform AdaptIQ audio calibration. Then set the Base Module to 40, Treble at 50 and center to 40. Set rear to 100, volume 30 to 40%. Listen to some music track to check whether you like it. If you are listening to music, try setting Bass:60, Treble:30, Center to 10+.

Best audio settings for Bose soundbar 300

Go to the Bose Music app and select Audio. You will see bass and treble options, increase or decrease as per need within -100 to +100.

Bose soundbar 500 best audio settings

Perform AdaptIQ audio calibration. Then set Bass: 60, Treble: 30 and center 10. You can also try with Bass:90, Treble:60, or Center: 20 Bass: 10 Highs: 20, Loudness of Bass Module: 50, then figure out which one you prefer.

Sony soundbar

Here you can learn about the best bass and treble settings for Sony soundbars.

Sony Z9F soundbar best settings

Adjust rear speaker levels if you prefer powerful surround sound. use the Voice mode on the Sony Z9F and change it as per your requirement. Use DSEE on the soundbar. If you are a movie-freak, you can try the following settings. Here, you need to disable Audio DRC, set Dolby speaker Virtualizer on Sound mode, set voice to 0 or 1.

Sony HT-G700 best settings

For this model, you can set Subwoofer level to 10, Cinema on Sound mode, enable the Voice enhancement and select Dolby Speaker Virtualization.

Why should the treble be higher than bass?

In majority of cases, increasing treble then bass results in better audio. it allows you to have better low-end rumble, eliminate mid-frequency muddy tone, and improve vocals. Vocals are important even in music tracks, because you need to hear what the song is about. Roll off under 30Hz is included in digital equalizers so that the audio output is much clearer.

If you are unable to clear the low-end rumble, it might affect the music track and as a result it will be an unbalanced tone. Muddiness is often heard within 400-800Hz frequency range. Muddiness in music files are seen to increase specially when you tune the bass to be more than treble. You need to reduce the noise within this frequency range.

Another reason why the bass should be lower than treble is because dialogues should have adequate clarity. The voice range is within 700Hz-3kHz. To ensure clearer dialogues, you need to reduce bass and increase the treble. While tweaking between 5k-8k range, make sure to be careful because too much boosting will result in harshness.

Parting words

Soundbar is the best way to improve the sound of your TV. If you want better sound from your smart TV, you need to build a home theater. This could range from a single soundbar to adding a subwoofer and rear speakers to the soundbar and other speakers. In addition to being easy to set up, soundbars have the easiest audio settings. To get rid of the whole problem of adjusting bass and treble, choose different modes for the soundbar.

To make the music sound more balanced, you should raise the treble and lower the bass. Too much treble will make the low-end sound less clear. This will make your ears tired. Bass or treble, neither is better if it goes over the limit. There are times when too much treble or bass can make a music track not sound good. What are the best bass and treble settings for TV? Soundbars are often connected to TVs, so you might wonder about this.

Well, try to keep the bass and treble at about 45 percent to 55 percent of what they are now. This is done to make sure the audio is balanced. Try to find the best soundbar for your music tastes and the size of the room you have. Then, if HDMI is available, use it to connect your soundbar to your TV. Finally, change and tweak the soundbar’s bass and treble settings to find the best ones. Don’t be afraid to try a few things and pick the best one.


This FAQ is here to solve some of your problems regarding bass and treble settings for your soundbar.

Is there a universal ‘setting guide’ to equalizer?

Well, no. Each music track and its genre are different. Settings will vary with every music track, type of music, and also the room scenario. There isn’t a single rule for everybody because they have different type of setup, speakers and scenario (speaker position, calibration, etc.).

What other factors is needed for a soundbar to sound best?

We have always given importance on soundbar, speaker and subwoofer position. Soundbar’s connection with TV is important, here HDMI is the best connection.