How to Clean Vinyl Records : Best Vinyl Records Cleaning Kit

Regardless of being quite possibly the most imposing configurations in the world, vinyl records have a penchant for drawing in residue and grime. Between late-night meetings, Sunday morning presentations, and the drive from work to home (and back once more), when new and sparkling vinyl records can begin to show some genuine wear quicker than anticipated. Today we are going to talk about How to Clean Vinyl Records.

Also, those uncommon Vinyl Records pulled from the swap meet that hasn’t been as expected cleaned, perhaps ever? Fingerprints, dust, scratches; all make an undesirable commotion on what should be the audiophiles’ type of choice. The breaks and pops, once so charming, can undoubtedly turn out to be discernibly agonizing. Moreover, oil from your hands can damage the outside of vinyl, bringing the estimation of a record down. Fortunately, there’s a solution on How to Clean Vinyl Records.

5 Best Vinyl Records Cleaning kit


  • Genius design 
  • Natural bristles provide the grooves a good scrubbing.
  • Cheaper alternative to the spin clean 


Hard to recycle the cleaning fluid

Spin Clean – Starter Kit Record Washer System MK II

Spin Clean is a name that shows a great deal when you look for Vinyl washers. It appears to be that while everybody overlooked the organization for years and years they were prepared with the perfect thing at the perfect time. It has a very developed utility feel to it. All things considered, a vinyl washer isn’t something that you put in plain view. It possibly gets better when you really use it.


  • The included liquid is sufficient to wash 400 records
  • Convenient and effective
  • The only “bath type” complete record cleaning system on the market


  • Expensive

Vinyl Vac Record Cleaner Vacuum Wand 

The Record Cleaner machine, to me, is the best arrangement for most of us, however, there’s a significantly less expensive way – to vacuum rather than wash your vinyl. With this modest little doohickey, you just need to add the vacuum cleaner. With the assistance of an O-ring connector to ensure it accommodates your vacuum cozily, you can clean the furrows of residue straightforwardly.


  • Works well with the small shop vacuum
  • Lovely complete cleaning arrangement
  • A decent price


  • Normal design

TechPlay Anti-Static Carbon Fiber Record and LP Cleaner 

This carbon fiber brush from TechPlay is estimated really well and accompanies a decent number of additional items that make it a convincing alternative for the cash. 

In the unit, you’ll discover the carbon brush itself, which is intended to clear out the notches of the record without harming it in any capacity. It will likewise eliminate the static that expands the measure of residue that makes it into the furrows in any case.


  • Fine Conductive Carbon Fiber material for deep cleaning vinyl grooves.
  • Removes static charges as it cleans.
  • Includes stylus brush for cleaning and maintaining your needle.


The brush leaves little micro-scratches on vinyl.

Record Cleaning Brush Kit, Ultimate LP Vinyl Maintenance Set 

While you can discover many carbon fiber or carbon fiber-like brushes for very little cash, there is something to be said for doing it the correct way. Likewise, with any item, there’s consistently an exceptional variant to take a couple of a greater amount of your dollars in return for slightly greater quality.


  • The velvet brush unit from “Record-Happy” is very nice
  • The included cleaning solution seemed to do an effective job
  • Simply designed


The rear cover which stays over the small stylus brush does not fit snuggly 

Cleaning Solution Recommendations 

Boundless Audio Record Cleaning Solution

In case you’re an authority, keeping up and safeguarding your record assortment is vital. That is the reason you should consistently clean your pointer and vinyl record. This will expand their strength and improve sound quality.


  • Arrives in a 6.75oz splash contain that is sufficient to clean to 1000 records 
  • Incorporates a profoundly spongy cleaning fabric, accordingly advancing simple and speedy cleaning 
  • Protected to apply on all vinyl types List Element 


Not always removes all kinds of dirt, but still depends on a user

Big Fudge Record Cleaner Fluid 

Is it true that you are searching for a financial plan cordial answer to deal with your vinyl records? 

At that point, you ought to consider this record cleaner from Big Fudge. An item that leads for a few reasons. It is the best vinyl cleaner and ideal for the insurance and capacity of your recorder. Yet, you should take note that this record cleaner unit handles 12″, 10″, and 7″ records.


  • 2 movable rollers permitting you to clean multi-sized records with one mark stripping 
  • Incorporates a super delicate microfiber brush that can clean the two sides of the record 
  • Has a vinyl sink for plunging the record, making it fulfilling and simple to utilize 


Seemingly incapable of picking up large objects

Record Rescue Vinyl Record Cleaning liquid 

Is it accurate to say that you are one of those individuals who lean toward the greatest items on the lookout? On the off chance that you are, this vinyl cleaner is your optimal alternative. 

The producer of this cleaner manages to build up the unrivaled record cleaning liquid. As you’ll note with this cleaning liquid. This is on the grounds that they utilize premium quality fixings when making this cleaning liquid. Along these lines guaranteeing your records keep up the underlying sound quality.


  • Arrives in an advantageous and simple to utilize 200ml splash bottle 
  • Against static and fast drying, subsequently saving you a ton of time 
  • Contains better fixings than guarantee your record keeps up great sound 


  • Only for deep cleaning

Record-Happy Record Cleaning Solution 

Record-Happy is among the biggest producer of manual cleaning arrangements in the market right now. Since it’s items are both moderate and successful. 

Along these lines, on the off chance that you’d prefer to keep getting a charge out of smoother music from your records, this is the cleaner for you.


  • This arrangement has an extraordinary definition to keep up the wellbeing of your records 
  • The fabric has a delicate material to guarantee legitimate cleaning without causing harm 
  • It’s flexible and you can utilize it on different things like eyeglasses and telephone screens. 


Only for light cleaning

Audio Technica Record Care Solution 

Other than expanding the existence of your pointer and records, this Record Care arrangement is easy to utilize. Furthermore, it’s trusted by most industry experts. 

Along these lines, in case you’re searching for a solid record cleaning arrangement, this is the item for you.

No products found.


  • Logical detailing that eliminates impurities and microdust. 
  • Arrives in an advantageous 60ml jug 
  • Its enemy of static, in this way, dispensing with friction-based electricity from your records 


It Will not fit in a Disc washer Brush handle

Best Record Cleaning Brushes

Vinyl Buddy Record Cleaner

This instrument contains a sticky roller for picking up debris and other little participles from a record surface. It is much simpler than cleaning units. You’ll not need to purchase a dozen extras that will wear out and require alteration. In common, this solution is for those who need to rearrange the cleaning prepare as much as conceivable, and spare their cash.


  • Basic operation, which is exceptionally vital for those who are continuously active or have a propensity of putting off record cleaning due to sluggishness.
  • The tool will not scratch your records as no adhesives or aggressive chemicals are used.
  • Innovative technology.


  • Depends on your manual control.

VinylVac 33

This cleaning gadget could be a wand (a tube) prepared with a vacuum system productively retaining tidy and soil. The producer prescribes utilizing this instrument at the conclusion of a cleaning session, after cloth and a cleaning solution, in arrange to form beyond any doubt indeed the deepest grooves are completely handled.


  • Thorough cleaning of the deepest grooves on the record surface.
  • The producer guarantees merely will appreciate each note of your favorite compositions and keep up your vinyl collection in a perfect state.
  • Compact size and convenient storage.


Since the gadget is made of cheap materials (PVC pipe and felt), numerous buyers accept that it isn’t worth its cost.

Collector Protector

This device has a simple operation guideline. Holding it at a 90-degree point to the record spinning on a turntable, you’ll be able to conduct dry tidying or damp cleaning by including a shower. Dry tidying is suggested sometime recently and after playing a record. The producer moreover suggests handling modern records since they are not continuously 100% clean.


  • Separated from tidy and soil, you’ll be able to dispose of static charges much appreciated to the valuable properties of an anti-static solution. 
  • It contains no ammonia and liquor and gets profound into the littlest grooves. 
  • You will get a cool red capacity pocket for free.


  • Made of cheap materials.

Record Cleaning Velvet Brush

This brush has a rudimentary development and application rule. Venders give a 2-year fulfillment ensure of immaculate operation. Like within the past case, you’ll apply it to a record turning on a turntable. Moreover, a record can lie on a static surface. But at that point you ought to move the brush within the same way as with a turntable.


  • Velvet is delicate, so it would not scratch your records. 
  • The manufacturer claims you chance nothing when testing this apparatus on the most excellent tests from your collection. 
  • The cleaning solution has anti-static properties. 


Some clients report that their vinyl began to sound more awful due to a forceful equation of the cleaning solution.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Would I be able to clean vinyl records with liquor? 

No. we would not urge you to utilize liquor when cleaning your record. Since liquor can harm the PVC. Additionally, try not to utilize toothpaste, combustible fluid, and steel fleece. All things considered, utilize a record cleaning arrangement. 

Does Vinegar harm Vinyl? 

Indeed. Vinegar harms vinyl, and it’s not ideal to use on vinyl records. However, a few groups may suggest it. Be that as it may, recollect, vinegar can hurt your recorder’s permeable surfaces. In this way, attempt to stay away from it when cleaning records definitely. 

How use microfiber fabrics to clean vinyl records? 

Take the microfiber material and use it to tenderly wipe your record in a roundabout way. Absorb the fabric refined water and rehash use it to wipe the plate once more. At that point dry it utilizing a dry microfiber fabric. Or on the other hand, place it vertically until it dries totally. 


For those that need to clean a ton of records, consider purchasing a record vacuum or vinyl record cleaning machine. They will essentially diminish the time expected to clean each record. Reasonable admonition, however; these are commonly over the top expensive. In spite of the fact that the arrival of raising the evaluation of the record may be awesome for those hoping to sell numerous records.